Find your Southern NH Real Estate or Home For Sale, with innovative search tools, that make finding a house in New Hampshire a breeze.

      Once you do, let me be your knowledge broker. I'll manage all of the real estate transaction details. And remember, I specialize in Windham NH real estate.

      Imagine the excitement and anticipation, when the e-mail arrives in your inbox, and you open it to find, say, a Windham NH home for sale, that perfectly meets your needs. When this happens, and it will, I want you to immediately call or e-mail me. Why? I have represented some really wonderful clients, in NH real estate transactions, over a twenty year real estate career, and they would tell you (Read recent reviews) that my skills and experience made the home-buying process, efficient and stress-free. You see, almost anyone can "sell" real esate but what sets me apart is that I am a knowledge broker. I have years of real estate experience and I know the Windham NH real estate market better than most. Can you imagine the frustration and disappointment of entering into a relationship with an a newby NH Realtor® who has sold just one or two homes, who doesn't return phone calls, who has no experience with negotiation, inspections, financing and all of the details of buying a home in southern NH? For example, if you find a waterfront home for sale in southern NH there are important things you need to know about buying waterfront property in New Hampshire. When you contact me, you'll know that I have the skills to manage the transaction, because often times, I have experienced the same challenges and situations already. There is no guess-work about what needs to be done. I am the southern New Hampshire Realtor® you want by your side during your home-search.

      When you talk with me, you'll know you're in good hands. Rest assured that I will put my real estate experience to work for you. I really care about my customers! I am a real estate professional who makes my time available and I will freely share my knowledge with you. I am ready to put my negotiation and tansaction management skills to work for you. The best way to find out more is to simply call my cell at 603-548-7230 And please remember, you don't have to wait until you find a house to call me, to ask a question, or to tell me more about yourself and your needs.

      One last thing. Do not sign a buyer's broker agreement, with a New Hampshire real estate agent, unless you fully understand what you are agreeing to. If you don't, you may just find yourself paying an additional, out of pocket real estate commission to your buyer agent. I never charge more than the cobroke fee offered out of the transaction with no additional fees to you. Also, I will work with you as a transaction broker until you are sure that you want me to be your buyer broker. Don't be bullied into signing a buyer agency agreement with an agent you've never done business with. There is no requirment that you do so and the motivation of locking you into an agreement is to insure that the agent gets their commission, no matter how well they do their job. Having a Buyer Agency Agreement is advantageous to you as a real estate buyer, but only after you know and trust the real estate agent you contract with. 


      As a New Hampshire home seller, you've been preparing your home to sell for months and now is the time for the big debut. There are two incredibly important keys in order for this big unveiling to be a success. You want it to be an event that is hailed by other Realtors®, talked about by word of mouth, and followed by a steady stream of potential buyers. This is the all important new listing "buzz." I have the unique skills and know-how to generate the "buzz."  When the you accept the offer, I  will manage the transaction, skillfully to the final closing. Learn more now about the keys to success in selling your home or use the CMA request form, or as always, feel free to call me at, 603-548-7230 to discuss selling your home. I specialize in selling Windham NH, homes but I also succesfully sell homes in, Salem, Pelham, Derry, Londonderry, Atkinson, Hampstead and Hudson, New Hampshire. I can sell your New Hampshire home in the shortest period of time and for the best possible price. See the Homes I've Sold in New Hampshire now.

      #1 for Windham NH transaction sides, of Homes and Condominiums sold in 2015. (Tied for #1 with 29 transaction sides.)

      #2 for Windham NH Sales Volume, of Homes and Condominiuns sold in 2015.

      Based on information from the Northern New England Real Estate Network, Inc., MLS. Based on gross volume of sales of homes and condominiums in Windham from 01/01/2015-12/31/2015 and transaction sides of homes and condominiums in Windham NH from 01/01/2015-12/31/2014


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