The New Listing Buzz

     If you've never sold homes, you have no idea of the importance of the new listing debut. When your home hits the market, it is critical that it creates a buzz of excitement. As Realtors® we always anticipate new listings coming onto the market. Many of us have buyer clients waiting for homes with certian amenties and in various price ranges. We are always on the lookout for the new listing. It's hard for you to imagine it, because your house is a home with all of the emotional attachments, but the appearance of your home on the market is a big event, just like new models of cars at the auto show or new designer clothes hitting the stores.

     How the debut is handled, and the buzz or lack thereof, is critcal to getting your home sold in a short period of time and for top dollar. My guidance in helping you to price the home properly, to suggest various home improvements, and to provide an initial media blast will be the key to making your debut a success. The first 2-4 weeks are critical in building excitement about your home. If your Realtor® fails at creating the initial new listing buzz, it will effect the marketing of your homes for the months come.

     First and foremost your house has to be priced properly. You want both agents and buyers to remark to themselves about what a good buy your home is compared to the competition. If you hit the market high, you're likely to get a yawn and a snide remark about being overpiced. And once the "overpriced" perception is instilled on buyers and agents, it is very hard to remove the stigma. You may have to reduce the price of your home, to a much lower price, than if your had hit the market with proper pricing.

  • I cannot not stress enought the importance of employing professional photographs to market your home. Its really quite simple, the home-buyers are online and professional photographs look the best on the interent. It has been shown that professional photographs online generate more buyer showings and even higher sales prices.
  • I will help guide you in the low cost improvements you can make to help sell your home. If you want, I can provide you with references for professional stagers. 
  • It is important to provide the potential buyer with all of the information they need, to make the decision to buy, at the time they visit your home. That is why my listings have a full color brochure with additonal information like seller's rep sheet, plot plan, tax card, and any other pertinant information that will help the buyer come to a decision to make an offer. I can't tell you how many listings just don't have the information a buyer is looking for, so theysimply move on to something else.
  • In addition to placing your home in the New Hampshire MLS, I will create a new listing buzz by employing methods such as facebook posts to your zip code, adwerx, youtube, and on my company and personal web-site.
  • When I become your Realtor® I become the representitive of you and your home. My years of experience put both you and your home in a good light to potential buyers and co-broking Realtors®. Again, I can't emphasize enough, how many sales are lost, because the listing agent was unresponsive, didn't know the correct answer or how to find it, and who in general let the ball drop with interested buyers. 

     When your home makes its debut on the market, make sure you've set the stage to create the buzz that will lead to the sale. I know the marketing strategies that will make your home stand out and be found by the agents and buyers in the market.