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If you are here for the instant online home value simply click here or on the photo at the far right. When you begin your search for a real estate agent, it's critically important who you hire to represent you. You need a real estate agent who is on top of the southern NH real estate market and knows the values of homes in southern New Hampshire. Finding out what your house in New Hampshire is worth, is the first step, to preparing a marketing strategy for your home.  And why do I say the agent you choose is so critical to successfully getting your home sold? A top-notch listing agent will be guiding you every step of the way, they will negotiate on your behalf, provide feedback, prepare a marketing strategy that creates a buzz about your home and will have the experience to help you make the best decisions possible. Unfortunately, there are a lot of agents in southern New Hampshire that "dabble" in real estate. Selling a home takes an agent who is dedicated to their clients and who knows all the ins and outs of the real estate brokerage business.  I know this business well. I have been a successful agent for over twenty years, because every day, I am out in the market, working hard for the clients I represent. I know what it will take to get your home sold because I have sold hundreds of homes in southern NH. Call me. I answer my cell, and  I will be glad to answer any questions you have. 


What if I could tell you where the buyers for your home our most likely to be from? What if I also could tell you the demographics and social aspirations of your potential buyers? And what if I could show you how I will market your home directly to your most likely buyers? Would this be a powerful incentive for your to list your home with me? I have all of this information and more at my fingertips, through the innovative CBx listing experience. Let me show you how I will use CBx it to get your home sold, for the best price, in the lease amount of time. You can learn more in the video below:

Doing Real Estate Right

  • A track record you can rely on. 104 million in residential sales since 1998.
  • Over 12 million dollars in sales in 2015.
  • A pricing strategy that insures your home is cometitive.
  • State of the art web-site.
  • Combination of print and online marketing.
  • The experience to help you make the best decisions.
  • Open communications throughout the home-sale process.
  • An advocate to skillfully negotiate on your behalf.
  • An expert transaction manager.
  • A reputation for honesty and integrity.
  • A Fine Homes and Waterfront Specialist.

Smart Home-Selling Strategies

If you have decided to sell your home there are many things you need to consider when selecting a local real estate agent. Before you even pick up the phone to call, you should have a solid idea of what attributes will be important to you in selling your home. Real estate agents in southern New Hampshire have varying levels of experieince and skills. As a home-seller, the worst time to learn all about your real estate agent is after you've been locked into a long term listing agreement. 

First and foremost you need  someone who values honesty and integrity in their relationships with clients and customers. Trust has to be the cornerstone of your relationship with your realtor during the home-selling process.

Experience is a very important attribute. Having dealt with a variety of home-selling issues and developed marketing skills over a twenty year period is an important asset to you as a seller. However, in evaluating an agent, it is important to make sure that time spent in the business is not simply a worn out milestone rather than an asset.

Your sales professional should have an understanding of how to use an appropriate pricing strategy and an effective incentive package directed to other Realtors.  Your marketing strategy must insure that your home is in demand by both buyers and the Realtor community. Many agents never learned how to develop effective strategies in this important area during the boom years.

You also need to make sure that the person you select is up to date with current technology, puts all their effort full time into the real estate business and is still successful in selling homes in the current market environment in southern New Hampshire.  

It cannot be understated how important the internet is in marketing homes. Over 86% of buyers used the internet to search for a home in 2007, according to a recent Realtor survey.  The agent you select has to know how to leverage the use of the internet and online marketing to your advantage. It begins with the agent's company web-site but you should make sure that the agent you select also has their own personal web-site. This allows them to highlight their own listings and is a source for generating new home-buying customers.  Both the company and the agent should have a consistent program in place to make sure that their sites are found in searches by buyers looking for homes in the area. Here are some of the internet strategies your real estate professional should be using:

  • Personal Agent Web-site with e-mail updates.
  • Personal Web-Site designed to work well on smart phones.
  • Interactive Map Based Search
  • State of the art company web-site with a high traffic volume.
  • Enhancement of listings on
  • Provide listing feeds to Trulia, Yahoo,, Zillow and more.
  • Listing feeds to Coldwell Banker, Keller Williams, Centrury 21, etc... Your home will be seen on our competitors web-sites.
  • Online search advertising so people searching for "Windham NH homes," "Southern NH Homes," find me and your home.
  • Create new listing "buzz" with facebook advertising and online with Adwerx.


It is important that your property is highlighted to buyers in the most attractive way. There are many competing properties and buyers have many alternative homes to choose from. A full color brochure containing professional photographs and all of the appropriate property information makes your home stand out from the competition. When you interview agents be sure to ask them to provide a sample of their marketing materials. 

While your home is on the market you deserve to have your sales professional stay in touch with you regarding the activity on your home. You want up to the minute information by a variety of communication methods so you know what's going on with the competition and the progress that is being made. I will follow up on your showings and provide you with feedback from the buyers, so we can change our strategy if necessary.

 It is also very important that your real estate professional has skills in negotiation and transaction management. You will want a competent person working with you throughout the home-sale process. Once you have negotiated a purchase and sales agreement you need an agent who is proactive and stays on top of the dates and details. This is one of the most critical area of expertise you need in the real estate professional you choose. 

I list homes and condominiums in every style and price range in southern New Hampshire. I work hard to sell all of my real estate listings no matter what the price. I also represents sellers who need the special set of skills that only a certified Fine Homes Specialist can provide. I have the  experience selling the highest tier of luxury homes in southern New Hampshire. So rest assured that whether you have a upscale waterfront residence or a garden style condominium you will receive my full attention in the marketing of your home.  

We are in a unique real estate market and home-sellers need the resources of a real estate professional that has the strategies to sell a home in spite of current market conditions. Homes are selling in southern New Hampshire. The decision of who should represent your interests and to guide you has never been more important. I know how to help sellers get their homes sold despite market conditions.

My strengths offer you as a home-seller a real advantage.  Iwould be happy to meet with you without obligation to discuss my qualifications and how I can put her skills to work in selling your home. Our meeting will be low key and low pressure. It will give us both an opportunity to meet each other and see if we should begin the process of representation. Call or e-mail her today:

KRISTIE DINSMORE | | 603-548-7230 | 603-898-9038 Ext. 21

A personal performance record is not necesarily the most important factor in selecting a real estate professional.  It is the attributes that are behind the accolades that are most important, especially when entering into professional representation.  However, a personal performance record is a way for you to judge whether a sales professional is obtaining results. Be sure to ask all of the agents you interview to provide their sales information. Here is my professional sales results for your review:

Personal Performance Record | Over 100 Million Dollars of Career Real Estate Sales