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Guidelines for Selling a House in southern NH this Winter

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House sold in Windham NH in 10 days in January weather!Some folks live for our New Hampshire winters. For them, the brisk air is a tonic; longer night times are invitations to enjoy the warmth and cheer of fireside camaraderie; the prospect of great skiing, snowmobiling or skating is something they look forward to all year long. For everyone else it may be more of a drag—particularly when a succession of storms, like we’ve seen in southern NH seem to conspire to make their lives miserable.

As a local Realtor in Windham, New Hampshire, I have been incredibly busy during one of the snowiest winters on record. The house in Windham NH pictured, that I listed in the bleakest part of January, was put under agreement in just 10 days.

If you have a good Realtor, working to sell your listing, it does not have to be a tough time to sell a house in southern NH ! Winter does tend to make most houses in Windham NH look drab and barren; and, in general, potential buyers tend to be scarce for a number of reasons. But those who are in the wintertime hunt are apt to be quite serious, so it’s worth remembering that sales can be kindled on even the bleakest February day—especially for owners who keep in mind some simple guidelines:

1.Create your own warmth

Whether it’s turning up the thermostat, lighting a crackling fire, or arranging for that batch of chocolate chip cookies to have just emerged from the oven, thinking cozy is the antidote to gloomy days. The object is to make the entrance from the cheerless outdoors a passage into a welcoming environment brimming with welcoming ambiance. To sell a house in foul weather, make the contrast with the outdoors as stark as possible!

2.Light their way

To compensate for the dimmer sunlight on some winter days, dispel the gloom by turning on all the lights: lamps, overheads, chandeliers—any and everything to brighten the place. To sell a house in Southern NH in winter, (especially in later afternoon showings), be certain to open shades and curtains, too.

3. Have summertime pictures on hand

Be sure to lay out a picture or two of the property in more attractive months. While potential buyers may not be able to see the home when the sun is shining, a picture can help them envision what the house is like during most of the year. Pictures on the kitchen counter of your beautiful garden or your inviting inground pool will go a long way to helping perspective buyers see your home as in looks at other times of the year.

4. Plus—the regular drill!

And don’t forget the basics: carefully tidied, sparklingly polished, spotlessly cleaned, etc. It may be a little bit more of a chore to disperse the clutter (it does seem to multiply when you’ve been cooped up for days!), but it’s every bit as important as ever. Aromas are important anytime you sell a house, so obliterate stuffy winter air with strategically placed potpourri and candles.

The fact is, when it’s properly priced, you can sell a house in in Windham or the rest of southern NH at any time of the year. To get the ball rolling, I hope you will make my number the first one you call!